My dear colleague young pharmacists,

It is such a great pleasure for me to welcome you to Asian Young Pharmacists Group (AYPG). As a young generation, we live with our dreams; we are driven by our passions; and we have energy to make it happen. This power should be used for the enhancement of our profession, pharmacist.

In Asia Pacific, we share similar culture and values. We are also face with similar challenges though in different level and forms. As the new technology era is coming where there is no border and information can be shared everywhere, we come together as young pharmacists to strengthen our profession in the region. We can do more and we can impact more when we are together.

Here, we see challenges in pharmaceutical and healthcare in Asia Pacific. We learn from each other. We motivate each other. We take our role. We answer every challenge. We reshape our future. We define who we are and what we can do as pharmacists.  

This is our place, our home to share ideas, create values, make innovation, and bring significant changes towards our profession in Asia Pacific countries! Let’s be actively involved here!

Audrey Clarissa

AYPG President 2018-2020