AYPG Constitution

Article 1. Name

  1. The organization shall be called “Asian Young Pharmacist Group” and officially abbreviated as “AYPG.”


Article 2. Organization

  1. AYPG is an independent non-governmental, non-political, non-religious, and non-profit organization representing pharmacists around Asia Pacific.


Article 3. Secretariat

  1. Secretariat of AYPG is in Taipei and will be in charge of the administrative affairs of the AYPG.


Article 4. Vision and Objectives

  • The vision of the Asian Young Pharmacist Group is to encourage young pharmacists to have an active role in defining the future of pharmacy practice in the Asia Pacific.
  • The objective of the organization is:
    • To promote and assist in the development of YPGs across Asia Pacific.
    • To strengthen communication and ties between YPGs through networking and exchanges.
    • To instill and improve practice standards across Asia Pacific.
    • To establish good working relationships with other organizations worldwide.
    • To nurture and develop future leaders amongst the young pharmacists who will bring pharmacy to a brighter future.


Article 5. Membership

  • AYPG is composed of member organizations from countries across Asia Pacific:
    • Founding members

Consist of the following organizations

  1. Taiwan Young Pharmacists’ Group.
  2. Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society – Young Pharmacists Ch
  3. Young Pharmacists Group Philippines.
  4. Indonesian Young Pharmacists Group.
  5. Japan Young Pharmacists Group.
  6. Korean Young Pharmacists Group.
    • Member organization
      1. consists of organizations of young pharmacists within Asia Pacific.
      2. is legally constituted.
      3. is represented in the Council by the president or appointed representative.
      4. has a voting right.
    • Application as member organization should be made in writing and voted upon by the council. Formal ascension to membership will be announced at Council Meetings.
    • Observer status may be given to young pharmacists who are not represented by member organizations.


Article 6. AYPG Council

6.1.      The Council shall represent, advance the goals, and manage the affairs of the organization. They are responsible for all aspects of AYPG operations that include but are not limited to:

  • the organization of AYPG meetings and congress programs and the coordination of AYPG projects.
  • approval and management of the annual AYPG budget.
  • implementation of decisions by the Council.
  • the organization and presentation of awards.

6.2.      The Council shall be composed of the president, president-elect, immediate past president of the AYPG and presidents/chairpersons of member organizations.

6.3.      The council may appoint chairperson of sections which represent different field of pharmacists.


Article 7. Election

7.1.      President is elected every 2 years during Council Meeting in FAPA Congress. The elected president will assume office after 2 years upon election.

7.2.      Any member of member organization is eligible to be nominated as President of AYPG.

7.3.      Voting shall take place by secret ballot.


Article 8. Council Meeting

8.1.      The AYPG Council Meeting is the highest decision making body for the organization to discuss and decide the direction of the organization.

8.2.      The AYPG Council Meeting shall consist of the majority of member organizations.  Each member organization has one voting right.

8.3.      The AYPG Council Meeting shall be held at least once a year during FAPA congress or AYPG leadership summit.

8.4       A quorum must be achieved for the Council meeting to proceed. A quorum is composed of 50% + 1 of the Council.

8.5.      Decision of the Council is through majority vote of present members.

8.6.      Voting may be carried through open voting or secret ballot.


Article 9. Finances

9.1.      5% of the total net profit of the AYPG leadership summit and any other event under AYPG will be kept for administrative use.

9.2.      The budget shall be used to support projects approved by the Council Meeting.

9.3.      Funding from sponsors will be accepted and reported to the Council.

9.4.      Financial report and budget shall be submitted, proposed, and approved during Council Meeting.


Article 10. Amendments to the Constitution

10.1.     Any proposal to amend the constitution shall be originated from any member of the Council and seconded by another member of the Council. This motion can be passed with a two-thirds (2/3) majority of votes from member organizations present in the Council meeting.

10.2.    Such proposal shall be notified to all members at least 2 weeks prior to AYPG Council Meeting.


Article 11. Dissolution of the organization      

11.1.    Any proposal to dissolve the organization shall be originated from any member of the Council and seconded by another member of the Council. This motion can be passed with a two-thirds (2/3) majority of votes from member organizations.

11.2.    Such proposal shall be notified to all members at least 2 full months prior to AYPG Council Meeting.

11.3.    Members having rights to vote but prevented from being present at the Council Meeting may in this case give their vote via registered letter or scanned letter in electronic mail.